September 2023 Sikkim lake burst and rising temperatures in Kolkata for past few years  prompted us to design a strategy for methane reduction to reduce risk posed by extreme weather events.

Methane emission in atmosphere stays for 20 years and has higher heat holding capacity compared to co2 (which is a long term problem being solved by reducing fossil fuel burning). so we are targeting this as a the green house gas that needs our attention.

1.We welcome Methane Reduction Friends – who will detect measure and create local mitigation strategies.

2.Impermeable blankets for land fills so that methane is captured in these blankets and piped out as fuel .

3.Duck weed dried plants are being provided to rice farmers to encourage ducks to aerate the flooded fields thus reducing methane production . duck eggs are also provided to encourage ducks rice farming .

4.Intermittent flooding of rice fields as against continuous flooding reduces methane production and is being encouraged , by knowledge sharing with farmers

5. consumer awareness to reward farmers that implement methane reduction strategies

6. Making available probiotics like bacillus subtilis to digest crop residue at field level , such that organic carbon is increased in rice fields , such that extra addition of NPK is discouraged


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