Quality Policy

ABPL INDIA confirms ECO-LOGIC, with commitment to provide Quality products & Services aiming to our valued customer to meet their expectations with full satisfaction.

Our services are designed and operated to consistently provide the highest quality standards that will satisfy the customer needs and expectations.

Our continuous efforts both Qualitative and Quantitative goal, will ensure that all our facilities are maintained to the highest standards focusing customer delight, business standard and minimize the environmental impact.

Continuous innovation, training and development of our employees for quality, safety, environment who are encouraged to participate in our Quality efforts.


ABPL INDIA a diversified organization with strong foundation of research & Innovation in Biotechnology over a decade are in the process of continuous evolution of the concept “ECO-LOGIC“.

Global Agriculture is stressed by unlimited use of Chemical Fertilizers or Chemical pesticides applied in the soil. Hazardous items creates pollution havoc which is the biggest challenge to the Global population.

Order of the day is Eco friendly Agricultural practice that would keep up the production and productivity standards & free from hazardous inputs and harmful pests without harming the Eco system.

To feed the Global Population uninterruptedly is a challenge hence Biological innovation / Biotechnology Research based Agricultural inputs are expanding the wings.

ABPL INDIA is manufacturing & Marketing the “ECO-LOGIC“ range of products like Bio-Pesticides, Bio-fertilizers, eco-friendly Mosquito Nets, Spray Machines & many more in India & Overseas markets.