Protect Paint

Rs. 761/ Litre

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Litre
Type of Property- Commercial, Residential
Railway Kitchen, Toilet floor walls are sprayed with this paint as per RDSO guidelines :

  • Treatment sites: Residential and non-residential buildings and structures including kitchens and all types of food/feed handling establishments. PROTECT can be applied to non-food contact surfaces of walls, floors, ceilings, in and around cabinets, behind and beneath appliances, equipment, around floor drains, window frames and around plumbing, sinks and other pest harboring sites. Protect should be applied only on cracks and crevices or spot treatment indoor. Do not use as a general broadcast interior application such as entire walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Do not apply in Classrooms, Hospital patient room when occupied by elderly or infirm, libraries sports facility when in use by people.
  • Pantry Pest Control: To kill adult spiders, ticks, cockroaches, ants make an application to cupboards, shelving and other storage areas. If food gets contaminated, discard. Do not apply to water troughs.
  • Food/Feed areas include areas other than residential where exposed food is processed, held, prepared or served.
  • Non-food areas include Garbage rooms, toilets, floor drains, offices, locker rooms, entries and vestibules, machine rooms, boiler rooms, MPO closets.
  • Clean all treated surfaces every 3 weeks, so that the surface is fresh for contact incoming pest.
  • Crawling Insect pests: Protect can be used around carports, garages, unoccupied horse stables and kennels.
  • In agriculture: Citrus trees weevil and ant control are done by painting bands of 12′,24″,48 ” on the trunk depending on trunk dia.
  • It can be mixed with other paints (latex or oil-based ) in a manner such that this paint covers 1 lit — 220 sq ft surface area. Eg. 50 ml of PROTECT can be mixed with 1 lit of any color latex paint and painted on the wall.
  • Deltamethrin 1% Ready to Use is an Insect Control Paint containing Deltamethrin 1 % w/w active ingredient.
Quantity 500ml 1lt
Price nill nill

Product Details


Cockroach Termite  Ant Bed Bug Control Paint (Comparision table )
Sl No. Feature/ Benefit Our Brand Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Protect paint Fipronil gel bait WAH !! Beauveria  Bassina Sticky Trap
1 2 in 1 product paint and insect control Yes No No No
2 5 years of life. Use and forget Yes 1 month 3 months No
3 zero chemical Product No No Yes Yes
4 Registered Product domestic sale Yes Yes No Not Needed
5 Initial Test buying cost below Rs 50 No Yes Yes Yes
6 Potential customers Kitchen pantry painting Homeowner HomeOwner Home Owner
7 Way of control Barrier treatment b


Keep away from children, food and pet animals. Store in dry place. Avodi eating, drinking or smoking while using the paint. Avoid any contact of the Insect Control Paint with eyes or skin. Do not inhale. User should wear protective clothing like rubber gloves, overall or apron and boots. After using it, wash hands and exposed parts of the body thoroughly with soap and water.