Plant Draught Stress Reliever
Plant Draught Stress Reliever Rs. 200 / Litre

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Litre

Super food
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100 ml to 5 lit
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By utilizing the available resources completely, we present an optimum quality Plant Growth Enhancer. SUPERFOOD is an advanced foliar nutrition product with Systematic Acquired Resistance derived straight from plants with an innovative chelation biotech research to boost plants response under series of stresses including high temperature, drought, frost injuries, salinity stress or infections. It is designed with active constituents like Potassium (K). Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Boron (B), Salicylic acid

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Product Details


  • Consists of plant nutrients Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron plus Salicylic acid
  • Compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides and can be incorporated into a crop management program
  • Contain Calcium that thickens cell walls and is a critical component of plants defense mechanism
  • Contains potassium that regulates the osmotic potential of the plant
  • It also activates a number of enzymes responsible for production of carbohydrates and promotes cell division and growth
  • Improves plants resistance to adverse conditions caused by disease, drought water logging conditions and cold due to potassium in the recipe
  • Will help making cell walls tougher and harder that protect from infection or insect penetration
  • Having salicylic acid that inhibit ethylene production and so ripening of fruit can be delayed
  • Help to improve shelf-life of produce by improving cell wall strength and slowing down ethylene production in the fruit while in storage.
  • Recommend on fruiting crops at high temperature on regular basis in the spray schedule until flowering.
  • Compatible with all commonly used pesticides


  • Water soluble
  • Efficient
  • High performance

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  • Item Code: Superfood

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