Vector Control Products

Disease transmitting Vectors are the various types of nuisance mosquitoes. Apart from the Buzz, Bites they also are disease carriers. Most prevalent of these diseases are Malaria, Dengue.


We provide Mosquito Larvicides of 2 types:


1) Mineral type: Mosquito Larvicidal Oil – Which forms a film on the surface of Water. This cuts of oxygen to the Mosquito Larvae floating in the water. The uniqueness of the film is its stability on the water surface enough to eliminate the larval population.


This is a license-free product and is bought by municipalities on a regular basis.

2) Bacterial type: BTI is the strain that is supplied as the commercial formulated product. The product is diluted in water and sprayed on to water containing larvae. This bacillus enters the mosquito larvae in its feeding cycle. Mosquito Larvae is killed by endotoxins produced by the bacteria in the larval gut. We are licenced by Vector control and research centre (VCRC) technology and authorized to produce and market by CIB (RC), Govt of India.