Long Lasting Insecticidal Net

LLINs are impregnated withsyntheticpyrithriods and are wash proof till 20 times. Pyrithriods are used in very small quantities enough only for mosquitoes and very safe for human beings.

If the entire village is gifted these nets, the impact would be total mosquitoeliminationwithin a short period. This is achieved because the LLIns kill female mosquito, when they sit on these nets to feed on human blood at night.

Unique property of these nets is its control of pyrithriod resistant mosquito which are prevalent in India, Africa due to over use of these chemicals in the environment. This is achieved by building resistance breaker matrix within the polyethylene.

The pack is Export type with English, French, Arabic use instructions.

We also make LLIns for theDefenseEstablishment of India under licence agreement . The brand is called Defender Net.

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