Rs. 700/kg

GUARD-TH is best for Green House crop like Tomato where Nematode infection shows up after 1 year and you have to Up-root and plant again. Guard -TH is a seed and seedling Insurance such that this does not happen. It can be used in Non-Green House vegetable flowers and fruit plants that remain in the soil for more than 1 year. With Benefits like- GUARD TH prevents wilt, stem-rot, root-rot, black spots of the leaves, color changes, and pigmentations of leaves. Seed Treatment: 500gms of Guard TH is mixed with 300ml of rice starch or jaggery to make a slurry. The seeds required for an acre are mixed in the slurry so as to have a uniform coating of the inoculant over the seeds and then shade dried for 1/2 hour. The shade dried seeds are sown within a day. Seedling Root Dip: This method is used for transplanted crops. 1 kg of GUARD-TH is mixed in 40 liters of water. The root portion of the seedlings required for an acre is dipped in the mixture for 10 minutes and transplanted Main Field Application: 2 kg of Guard TH is mixed with 20Kgs of dried and powdered farmyard manure and then broadcasted in one acre of the main field just before transplanting. In tea: Mode of application: In standing tea: 150 kgs/ha as broadcast when the soil is sufficiently moist. During planning: 150 gms per planning pit mixing thoroughly with the excavated soil. Tomato Okra plants need Trichoderma Harzianum Bio fungicide in seed treatment , soil treatment to prevent and control soil nematodes , wilting . Guard-TH improves soil microbiome in Natural Farming to increase soil organic carbon to 3 % beside working as bio fungicide to protect plants against fungal bacterial pathogens Root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita wilt fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici . ...

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Price 100 200 700