Termite Bait
Termite Bait Rs. 600 / Set

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Insect Control
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10 pc Pack
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Nano silver ions are produced in electrolysis bath using silver anode cathode. These ions are highly anti microbial but unstable . wood pegs treated with these irons are good baits for termites .so peg these around your homes 1 metre spacing . Termites love feasting on bamboo and thus pick up the nano silver. this silver is responcible for killing the protozoa in the termite gut. The result is termite kill. The kills is achieved with no smell so no resistance is develeped. The queen termite feeds on dead termites thus consuming the nano silver . Result is elimination of termite colony. In house trials are conducted to come to this conclusion. We can only gurantee the quality of product not its use and results.

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