Neem Oil Dunk 50 Pc Pack Rs. 800 / 50 pc Pack

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 50 pc Pack

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6 gm x 50 pc
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We have 2 pack size of 10 pc and 50 pcs .

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( We are selling 50 pc pack in India and can offer 10 pc pack also on demand)


Neem oil dunks are a controlled release tool in water of azadirachtin against mosquito larvae acting as IGRs.(Insect Growth Regulators)

IGRs can be divided into two major categories; i.e. those that disrupt the hormonal regulation of insect metamorphosis, and those that disrupt the synthesis of chitin, a principal component of insect exoskeletons . Agricultural applications currently focus on the first category of compounds, products which are also known as "hormone mimics."

Azadirachtin is one of the widely used botanical insect growth regulators. Because of its structural resemblance to the natural insect molting hormone ecdysone, azadirachtin interrupts molting, metamorphosis, and development of the female reproductive systems. Immature insects exposed to azadirachtin (mainly by ingestion) may molt prematurely or die before they can complete a properly timed molt . Those insects that survive a treatment are likely to develop into deformed adult incapable of feeding, dispersing, or reproducing.

Since beneficial insects, predators, and pollinators do not feed directly on the treated foliage, bio pesticide insect growth regulators are considered “soft” on beneficial insects such as honeybees, lady bugs, green lacewings, and the parasitic wasps.

Due to their unique mode of action, biochemical insect growth regulators have played an important role in integrated pest management systems and as an effective resistance management tool. A good example is the use of azadirachtin IGR in aphid population management programs for lettuce crops in the Salinas Valley, California. Due to restrictions placed on certain crop protection products, the lettuce industry has relied on the use of contact and systematic control measures – some with overlapping modes of action – which creates concern for pesticide resistance. Integrated use of azadirachtin provides control by impacting the larvae and nymphs of multiple aphid species, breaking the life cycle before they become reproducing adults.

Another azadirachtin success story is its use for pear psylla control on pears in the Pacific Northwest Region of the US, where growers integrate traditional control products, azadirachtin, and kaolin clay for a effective pest management with significantly reduced use of harmful chemical insecticides.( Information from BIPA ) .Any kind of Import duties or custom duties is to be paid by buyer as we have not factoried it in our pricing . It is not possible to keep track of rules in each importing country . Refund on this account is not possible and buyer should not leave dissatisfactory remark if such a event happens.

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  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: kolkata
  • Production Capacity: 1000 packet / Month
  • Delivery Time: 7 days
  • Packaging Details: each 6 gm dunk is in poly pouch . 50 such poly pouch are put in alu foil shipper

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