Cib Beauveria Bassiana Bio Pesticide Rs. 500 / Kilogram

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kilogram

Insect Control
Packaging Size:
250 gm
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With the rich industrial knowledge, we are capable to provide Beauveria Bassiana Biocide to our clients. WAH is a biological insecticide contains spores of Beauveria bassiana, strain WH 104 a naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus that uses the insect body as host & infects. Spores starts multiplying as it comn es in contact with the cuticle (skin) of the host insect. It germinates and grows directly through the cuticle to the inner body of the host and proliferates in such a ways throughout the insect’s body. The vital body building nutrients are drained out eventually killing the target insects in about 48-72 hours after spray.

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Product Details

Crops: Tea, Coffee, Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables. Fruit crops, Cole crops, Orchards, Fiber crops, cardamom, sugarcane, Cut flowers, Ornamentals in greenhouses, Nurseries, lawns and landscape

Target Pets: Tea mosquito bug (helopeltis theivora), Caterpillars, Weevils, Leafhoppers, Berry Borer, Grubs and Leaf-feeding insects

Method of application: Foliar application: (For control of Borer & Cutworm) The product should be sprayed on growing plants using hand sprayer, Foot sprayer or aerial equipment and also it can be incorporated in growth media. In tea spray 3kg/ha in 7001t water using hollow cone nozzle.

Soil application:: (For control of Root Grubs) 750- 1000 gms /Acre in 250 Liters of water can be sprinkled around the root-zone and incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through water solution applied in the soil. It can also be incorporated into the soil through irrigation systems during pre or post planting stages. Calibration of water to make the spray volume depends on the soil type.

Frequency Of Application: The frequency of application also depends on the pest and the crop. For greenhouse pest problems, application once in every 15-20 days is recommended. All applications should be based on monitoring of pest population.

Dosage: Foliar spray: 500—750 gms per Acre in 250 Liters of water i.e. 2- 3 gms per Liter of water. Calibration of water to make the spray volume depends on the crop canopy.

Unique Feature: Wah shows no cross - resistance to chemical insecticides and will kill the escaped and tolerant insects by its unique mode of action.

Eco Safety: Wah is natural and environmental friendly. It has no toxic effect on beneficial insects such as lady beetle, chrysopa sp, spider and honeybees.


  • Do not use chemical fungicides 7 days before or after the use of wah!!
  • Higher level of humidity is required for effectiveness of this product / spray in evening preferred.
  • Mix Y-1%jaggery solution in spray volume of for better result.
  • Use safety gloves while handling to avoid direct contact with skin.
  • Destroy used container and buy them away from habitation where there is no underground water source.


  • Beauveria bassiana spores & nutrient medium residues: 2.5% w/w mind
  • Spore count (CFU / gm): 2 x108/gm min
  • Carrier (Al. Silicate): 90 % w/w
  • Moisture: 7.5%w/w
  • Total: 100%
  • Antidote: Treat Symptomatically.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and chemical pesticides


  • Elevated shelf life
  • Premium quality
  • High purity

Product Specification:

  • Beauveria Bassiana 2.5% W. P
  • (2 x 108 CFU/gm minimum)
  • Eco friendly biocide
  • Spray Application
  • Net content: 1 kg

Product Additional Information:

  • Item Code: WAH
  • Port of Dispatch: kokata
  • Production Capacity: 2000 kgs per month
  • Delivery Time: 10 days
  • Packaging Details: 250 gmx40 = 10 kg carton

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